The Best 55 inch Ultra HD Television


Technology changes are happening at alarming rates in the world, and when it comes to Televisions, the trend is still the same. Television evolving shows that there is more to look forward to than there already is. The new Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs also known as the 4K TVs are the new trends in television. They come in different screen sizes from 50 inches and above. They offer four times the clarity in picture compared to a normal High Definition TV. This Ultra HD TVs have clarity in the color and the in-built speakers complement the sound from the TV. When it comes to anyone choosing the best 55-inch Ultra HD Television, without considering the price, a few more factors come to mind:

Input lag

55-inch Ultra HD TVs seem perfect for someone looking at the general aspect, but people like me who are gamers find some few errors in the input lag. Input lag is the time for the TV to display a signal on the screen coming from the game console. For gamers this is everything, TVs with a low input lag are fast in transmitting the signal therefore very suitable for gamers. This though is not a much noticeable difference when it comes to people who are not gamers.


Many manufactures of Ultra HD TVs primarily focus in the area of display and do very little when it comes to the sound if the TV. The frequency of the in-built speakers responds poorly and at higher volumes, the sound distortion affects the clarity of the sound. They are not very much suitable in this sound sector, though some do polish enough in the sound but still there is distortion and pumping when playing sound at higher volumes.


Picture Quality

4K TVs have good contrast and uniformity of picture display, but depending on the manufacturer, there may be slight problems in the motion blur when it comes to a general viewer. If you are a gamer, color and contrast display is of much consideration and depending on the features added to the display, you will select the one most suitable for color clarity and saturation.


Some manufacturers design stands that are not stable enough to hold the weight of the 55-inch Ultra HD TVs. Look for a TV that will offer enough support for the TV, some manufacturers design stands that cause the TV to wobble when touched. A good support will prevent you from suffering unnecessary losses on your Ultra HD TV.


Whether you are a gamer or a general viewer of the TV, I recommend you try out the LG 55EF9500 model of Ultra HD TVs. This is the best 55-inch Ultra HD Television in my opinion when looking at all the features, from the input lag to the stability of the stand it stands as the best. Though it is not very economical, adding this TV model to your home is a return for your money. You will readily agree with me.


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