Brazil and It’s Rich History

feature-3Brazil’s population is the fifth biggest in the world, came to its lands from Asia, Africa, Europe and different parts of the Americas diverse origins that have made one of the planet’s most racially mixed societies. How they came, intermixed and developed the unique Brazilian personality that charms guest today is a harsh and tumble story of greed, courage, endurance and cruelty inevitably yielding an erratic progress towards the majority rule government in the country now enjoys. Read More→

Some Amazing Facts about Brazil

feature-1Aside from knowing that it is a part of Latin or South America, there are also some amazing Facts that you would be amazed for some things that you should know about Brazil. Read More→

Amazing Tourist Destinations in Brazil

feature-2From its Natural Tourist Attraction spots and its man made attractions. Brazil is rich in history and culture to promote its country as a tourist destination spot. Read More→